Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Spanish Mike

Spanish Mike is back! For those who forgot or didn't see the original,
click on this link

but here's a pretty funny follow up with Spanish Mike! (and yes, my spanish is getting a bit better. I hope to get as good as Spanish Mike someday....)

Monday, October 27, 2008

.a new normal.

Living down in Mexico is new for me, but also feels right and normal and like it always has been...
my new normal includes: 
...getting up and working by 8:00 (that hasn't happened in awhile)
...eating delicious tacos many times a week
...not understanding most of the conversations happening around me (but my spanish is slowly improving! im taking classes monday nights and my comprehension is getting better everyday!) a 'rez kinda life' again, but the girls are awesome and wonderful housemates
.... experiencing new traditions (including smashing the birthday guy's face into his cake!)
..getting to type this on my/the camps new mac! woot!
...answering lots of questions and asking even more
...going to sleep tired and satisfied

so far, im liking this new normal.

Friday, October 17, 2008

.feels like i never left...

So it hasnt even been a full week and it feels good. and safe. and kinda like i never left.
So Sunday early-gross-am I made my way to travel from Buffalo to San Diego. To then meet up with Scott (and a team we were hosting) to drive down to Ensenada. I ended up getting a bonus 'catch up night' in San Diego due to the team we were meeting's flight got canceled to the next morning. It gave me a chance to survive the jet lag, lack of sleep, and also a chance to catch up with Scott on the ongoings of the camp since i left. And hey, i still get excited about staying in a hotel, so that was fun too.
When i made my way to the camp on Monday it immediately became familiar and it felt awesome to be back apart of this ministry and community. And i had to jump right back into things as we were hosting a team. Its still a much different change of pace than the summer, as the teams are smaller and things are quieter. I look forward to this 'off-season' life around here. really hoping it will give me a chance to enjoy new parts of my role, community, and Mexico.
I look forward to keeping you all updated on my adventures and random thoughts! first stops when in mexico.. poblanos & marios! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008


goodbyes suck.
tomorrow i head back to EOC after a 'furlough' visit in Canada. its been almost 2 months... visiting, connecting preparing, paperwork, sponser letters, celebrating, savouring...
its been wonderful and i am so blessed.
its hard leaving these people who know you. who love you. who you feel safe around.
i have amazing friends & family who drive me places, throw parties for me, give me financial support, cook me meals, take care of me when my wisdom teeth get taken out, laugh with me, pray with me. love me.


its time.
its time to really start this next season of my life. the summer was a bit easier as i knew i was returning in a short while. but this time its really happening.
as life at EOC starts to pick up again, and we look to host our first team since the summer, the excitement builds too.
i know im ready to have purpose again and to offer what i can to this ministry.
and hey, the nice weather helps too!

i look forward to trying to keep all those who are interested and curious updated on my adventures.
it should be a good ride.