Thursday, November 8, 2007

my return to mexico

Im sure most people have given up on reading any new posts on this blog. i know, i've failed. i know i've had many other adventures since my return to Canada... but i suppose none worthy of being blogged??

well, in about two days i get to return to my community of friends in Ensenada. I head out Sunday with a team from my church and cannot wait for the grand reunion!! Seeing Lil' Britt in the airport, driving around in the jeep with Marvin, catching up with all the guys, and of coarse seeing new addition Naomi! I just can't wait to swing a hammer, eat some tacos (and perhaps drink a margarita or two...) and be part of such intentional community again. there's few times i feel as close to God and such a tangible example of being Christ to people in need than i do when i'm at EOC.

i can't wait to return "home" my friends!