Wednesday, August 27, 2008


When i decided to step down from my position at Wellington Square Church, I was looking forward to a break. But I did know that I still desired two things.
purpose & community
I am so grateful I have so many wonderful experiences where i can find those things.

I was reassured that even tho I was traveling to another country, leaving my friends and family behind, that I would not be alone. As i lived and work at EOC, I am blessed by a diverse community of interns, pastors, Mexicans, Americans, Canadians, rich, poor, construction workers, accountants, young, old, conservative thinkers and liberal Christians. And even though it takes effort, it somehow works. And its wonderful.

I flew home early to make sure I could spend time with my family - my parents, siblings, their spouses, and my neices and nephews. It was crazy having 17 people in the house at one point, but cool to be reminded of the importance of family. Sometimes dealing with family dynamics can be tricky, but it was a life giving couple of days...

And then camp. Where do i start with this incredible place. I spent over 10 summers working and living at this Christian children's camp (8 of which i was the director) and had invested alot into that place. So much of my identity, my transformation, my purpose was stirred up in that community. I made my 'comeback' this past week after being away for 2 summers. It was strange and wonderful all at the same time. Catching up with old staff, reconnecting with youth campers who I watched grow up over the years, and being encouraged that I was apart of something big... it brought me so much satisfaction. I was reminded of how well we do community at camp. Living, eating, working, worshiping, serving one another... it's an incredible picture of how we are supposed to be. I also forgot how much joy and laughter is important to community. It was good to laugh until it hurt. Also great to talk and connect with people... working together to figure out who they really are... What an honor it was and is to be apart of that community...

So as I spend the next month here in Ontario, I am so looking forward to more moments of community. Whether it be celebrating my friends' wedding, or sharing a drink on a patio or taking some youth out for lunch...
I realize how friggin' blessed I am.

I don't know how people try and do it on their own. It meaning life. faith. everything.
I am created for community and am so glad I am apart of some of the most fantastic communities out there.

(photos to come soon... once i find my camera cord!)


after flying back to Canada, I jumped right into a frenzy of family reunion fun, a week at Silver Lake Youth Camp, and living with my dear friends who have two lively boys...

it's fantastic to sit and be quiet.
i've spent the last day watching bad tv, vegging, and not thinking.
it took awhile to stop my brain from thinking, but after running some errands and making a few lists, it is so wonderful to stop and rest.

even for an extrovert like me, its so healthy and good.

Monday, August 11, 2008

.simple pleasures.

well, im making my way home. (but what a strange word home is...perhaps another post...) and as i chill in my hotel room, im reminded of some simple pleasures...

sitting on a balcony.
watching bad tv. (i know... what a terrible things to enjoy!)
being alone.
salad made with non-iceberg lettuce.
flushing toilet paper down the toilet.
no one asking you questions.
being still.

this little layover in california has turned out to be a nice one.

canada bound tomorrow!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


So im rolling outta here Monday night/Tuesday morning. Just for about 6 or so weeks ... back up to Ontario, Canada. Its sad to not finish out the summer season here and leave some things unfinished, but as the time approaches for me to step away, I am excited for a season of rest.
im not good at resting.
don't get me wrong, im really good at being lazy or slacking. ive mastered the art of vegging and even have enjoyed a few nights of lounging in my room here enjoying episode after episode of "the office" as i fall asleep at the end of a long day.
but rest. that's something im not good at.
sabbath. rest. being still.
its been a nice quiet weekend around here and its giving me a glimpse of the 6 weeks i have ahead. I know they will be filled with visiting, running around, getting things done, etc.... but really with little 'agenda' in most days.
i hope i can work on resting.
or as some of my friends have called it "pre-retirement".
here goes it!
looking forward to kicking back on the patio, sharing and reflecting on my own and with my dearest friends, playing with my nieces & nephews who don't really know auntie rhonda, returning to SLC, romping, playing, laughing, resting...
that and getting some wisdom teeth pulled.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008


a challenging perspective....

(thanks cait)