Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So im almost back home in Ensenada. Im just chilling in my ghetto motel 6 until kimyco and angela pick me up and we make our way back to EOC. Im so excited to see everyone again and be in my own space again. But my time home in Canada was wonderful.

a few highlights...

...watching maja enjoy countless hours of fun with mac photobooth!
...reuniting with wellington! numerous lunches, dinners, and coffee dates
...girl talks with steph spree with tracy
...getting bumped to first class & having a wonderful conversation with my seatmate 
...playing soccer with my niece and nephew and visiting with my fam
...the greenness of spring in canada
...the dinner party with some of my favorite people in the world san diego time with steph
...picnics and bbqs with some of my wonderful ol' youth crew
...the return to the poacher
...being known. being in the familiar. being reminded of the many people who love me.

but for now. ensenada bound! vamanos!