Saturday, March 29, 2008

I posted this for the eoc blog a few weeks back, and thought i'd bring new life to my dying blog and share it here too...

"Mama Rho" here...back and in the house!
For those who don't know me, I was on staff here at EOC this summer as the camp host and intern leader. When I'm not in Mexico, I work as a youth pastor in Burlington, Ontario, Canada and had the incredible privilege of having my two worlds join forces this week! I took down 18 youth and leaders from my church in Canada, partnering with another church from Southern Ontario, and we trekked through the snow storms to get to Ensenada this past Sunday!
What an incredible week! I won't say how it's the best team I've seen pass through here, because I know that's a little bias... but I will share what a blessing it was to be here! The camp is looking and feeling awesome! The staff is full of life and energy, the site has some new great colors and additions, and the program continues to offer some new exciting elements! For those groups returning, you have some new things to look forward too!

One night in small group time, I was talking with my kids (who are an incredible inspiration to me btw) about what we learned about ourselves this week... and what we learned about God this week. I had a startling revelation.
God is enough.
God is all I need.
It's a statement that terrifies me and one that is hard to really live out. I know I still cling to so many other things... worldly things... things I like to control... and even though I may try to encorperate God into my life as best as I can, it's often after I have everything in order
Whether it be watching families who don't have much of anything, still be content in all circumstances; or whether it be living in community and feeling alive and so purposeful... i was reminded God is enough.
this is how He wants us to live.
in community. interdependent. purposeful. serving. loving.
and not just in mexico.
not just on missions.
in our everyday realities.
So I want to redefine what is normal and everday for me when i return home.
I want God to be more than enough.

It's been a pleasure to be among my family here in Mexico again. I look forward to continuing to see God move in this place and in the teams that pass through here week after week!
blessings my friends,
Mama Rho