Monday, January 24, 2011


So it's been a little while since i've posted - glad to hear some folks have noticed and have poked at me to keep them updated. Good to know people are tracking with me. Sometimes I dont feel I have anything too profound or exciting to share, but nonetheless, I want to keep you in the loop of my life here in Mexico.

So we are almost a month into the new year and things are going well here. Im currently writing you from my new sweet apartment! It's starting to really feel like a home - some photos up, some more furniture in to fill out the place, but it's still got that 'new' feel to it and Im really enjoying the space! It's great to have a place to lounge in when I want to be lazy, a place to be when I don't want or need to be "on", a place to have visitors over, a place to call home. I've loved the "residence style- communal living" deal but I am also grateful I can feel a bit more 'grown up" again and have more of a home. And let's not forget, I'm still in the thick of it here at the camp so Im just a stones throw away from the action. I'll post some pictures soon!

In ministry/work world, we're getting things rolling around the camp. Revamping the intern program is something new and exciting in the works - some new program ideas, a new leadership team, and some great interns are going to make for a fantastic experience I think! Also in the camp operations area, there some new leadership and staff helping in this area which has taken more off my full plate! It's so exciting to see new leaders rising up and to get to work alongside great people! Sometimes it's hard for me to let go of the control as I'd gotten to used to doing so much on my own, but it's also so rewarding to mentor new people and just watch others figure it out!

Personally, I am doing well as well. Still wrestling with... well, life. Not being where I want to be, or doing what I want to do all the time. Always struggling to want to be more like Jesus, but realizing how much I'm not. And continuing to work on areas of my life that I need to surrender more and be more disciplined... but God is a gracious gracious God... and He manages to still love me and meet me where I'm at. Although I still have some lonely days, I am grateful for the wonderful people I have to challenge me and love me everyday. From Ana who has figured me out and knows how to poke me and get me talking... and who feeds me wonderful food! To Sandy, a vibrant 20 year old who in the process of mentoring, I learn so much and am encouraged by daily. To Scott who is like a brother... I kinda feel like we sharpen each other - although Im sure sometimes pricking each other - we work so well together. To Marvin, a young filmmaker/video/artist who works with us & I continually learn from in our conversations as we drive around visiting families in the communities. I am so blessed by these rich friendships that have developed over the years. I know I often long for more... but I am wanting to be more content... content whatever the circumstances.

in fact, I think I need to spend more time sharing more about some of the people in my life. Perhaps when I dont have much to share in my life, I shall blog about these wonderful people that make up my community here in Mexico. I think that will help me reflect on the fullness of community I do have here... and hopefully share a glimpse into my life in the process. Whatdya think?

The pictures below are of a recent staff retreat we went on. Definitely the highlight moments were the times together as a family - laughing, talking, being.