Friday, September 24, 2010

.my mom.


Saturday September 11 I received a phone call you never want to receive. “You better come home Rhonda. Your mom may not make it.” We had discovered just a month previous my mom had cancer. We knew it wasn’t likely going to be a hopeful prognosis. We’d just discovered days before that it was stage 4 breast cancer and had spread to various parts of her body. We were just accepting this news that my mom was on a journey to death, when an infection rushed her to an emergency surgery that changed the coarse of action. My family living in various parts of Canada, US, and Mexico rushed home in chance it was our last chance to say goodbye.

My mom did make it through the surgery okay, but her body was tired and her spirit was weary. She had been fighting and wrestling for years already - suffering from chronic arthritis pain that had essentially limited her mobility to her house. My mom told my dad she was ready to see her Maker. She was ready to go. We had precious moments of saying goodbyes, sitting with her, praying with her, laughing with her. We were ready to release her into a life of freedom... The doctor warned us although her spirit was ready her body may take some time to let go. We began to pray God would take her quickly and quietly so there would be no more suffering. God answered our prayers and took her home September 17. Mi mama es libre! My mom is free!

At the time I write this I am still recovering from the whirlwind of the last 10 days. Ups & downs, tears & joys, precious time with my family, experiencing emotions I never knew I had...It’s been exhausting but also been humbling to see the love, support and prayers from so many people - from old school friends, to church communities, to EOC partners and teams. What an amazing example of community. Thank you so much! I am sure I’ll be continuing to rely on you all as I walk through this process of grieving.

My mom was always proud of my work and ministry. She never got to witness my work first hand but always knew what was happening at the EOC and supported me faithfully. In honor of my mom, you can make a donation to my ministry with EOC YUGO. Help make an eternal difference in our broken world. Thank you for those who already have made a donation. I am completely humbled by the generosity of people in my life. Paying for flights, driving over an hour just to give me a hug, making yourself available, driving me places, feeding us, donations, prayers, emails... Its been an incredible outpouring of support. And I need it all more than ever, so thank you.

For more information/photos/tributes - you can go to (online condolences)

I will be returning to reconnect with my Mexico family for a few weeks. And then back to Ontario for most of October some previously planned visits to churches and partners. I am blessed to have such great communities of people all over the world who will be loving me along this journey...