Thursday, February 19, 2009

.oh facebook.

Being away from my family and friends, I love using facebook to keep in touch (aka lurk). Whose kidding who, even when i was in Canada, I was a facebook addict!  Anyways, I did find this video quite hilarious...

Monday, February 2, 2009

.new rhythms.

i know. i know. i suck. its been over a month since i last posted. I am usually the one around here who harasses other bloggers and tells them that they need to keep their blog updated or people will stop reading and checking. and now look at me.
well with the new year (which i cannot believe its already a month into it!) comes new rhythms, new goals, new schedules. and apparently i haven't included keeping my blog updated... so i shall work on doing better again!

but with the new year came a reemergence of one of my favorite phrases.
being intentional.
being that im not a naturally disciplined person i need to be intentional with things.
whether it be staying on top of bills and correspondence, reading the word, or working out, just to name a few
... i need to be intentional...
im often content to chill, waste time, lurk on facebook for countless hours, let that to do list lay dormant. but i also find myself desiring change and productive days.

i realize that one of the reasons i am supposed to be here is b/c God knows me. He knows i needed a new start, some new rhythms, in order to change. grow. be more the person Jesus wants me to be... the person i want to be.

it's been about 9 months now since i moved down here "semi-permanently". the honeymoon phase is over. it's real, raw, normal, everyday life. its funny tho b/c now the things I am learning and wrestling with aren't necessarily directly related to the fact that i am living in mexico... or "serving the poor"... or in a different culture. it's normal everyday stuff. its trying to figure out how to live like a follower of Jesus in the simple stuff too. in taking care of myself. in filing my mind and time with useful things. in not rushing around too much. in listening to people. in asking good questions. wrestling with answers and not just settling.
its about being intentional to put these things into action.
im really good about thinking. reflecting. and pondering my desires for change... but suck at doing anything about it.

so here's to new rhythms. learnings. attempts. and failures too.
so far 2009 is turning out to be a good one....