Friday, March 5, 2010

.wishful thinking.

This is exactly why I hate making goals or resolutions. B/c as you can see by my latest post, I have failed miserably.I suppose alot has happened in this last month or so of "blog silence"...but at the same time I feel I have nothing "new" to report that I am able to articulate...

Work wise we've been busy planning, preparing, and hosting small teams. I dig having small teams in - you get to know them, you get to journey with them, you get to be flexible and more 'organic'. And I suppose its less work too ;). We have a great team here at EOC. I am blessed. It's work sometimes, but really - what a beautiful team we are! Our latest interns are fabulous and it's definitely a different tone when you have all guy interns! Right now we are getting the camp ready for our spring run of teams! Including my very own home church - Wellington Square Youth team! That shall be all sorts of wonderful for my heart! Shortly followed by our biggest week of the year with over 230 people! Phew!

Trying to balance the various roles and jobs I have, the constant running list of things to do, enjoying the challenge of it all, but also just enjoying the quiet still moments. Ive been having some great conversations with Scott - my dear friend, leader, and partner in ministry. Talking about finding balance and ways to keep filled and protected.

One of the things that has been added to my plate but also has given me so much in return has been being apart of the Homes of Hope program. Visiting the families con mis amigos Juan & Ana is something I look forward to in my week! Its great to be reminded what we are all about. We being EOC... but also we being followers of Jesus. Taking time to care for people. Or just be with people. Be invited into their "homes", enjoy a fresh flour tortilla, and talk about their hopes and trials. Listen. Laugh.

Personally, continue to know this is where Im supposed to be. Even in the tough moments where my world feels so small. I am so grateful for the friendship of my dear sister Ana who continues to journey with me in all the ups and downs. Continues to ask the tough questions that I hate. Continues to push me to search deeper. Finding time and 'ganas'/desire to do this, to search has been hard sometimes. But God is full of grace.

this photo captures a bit of my beautiful community here. diverse in all sorts.
Lucy - dear new hermana. phenomenal camp administrator. woman extraordinaire
Ricardo - a true example of servanthood
John - one of my fantabulous interns. interns are amazing. we wouldn't be the same without them.
Marvin - Marvin was one of my first amigos aqui. We continue to work side by side often. Spending many days driving around - talking, laughing, or comfortable in the silence.