Tuesday, January 26, 2010


This past weekend we were given the opportunity to put our love and words into action. As previously shared, the heavy rains impacted the local villages in huge ways - not being able to work, not being able to buy food, not haven't adequate housing... So we gathered some resources together, purchases some staple foods, blankets, and tarps, connected with our partnering pastors, and headed out to the communities to distribute some releif items. No agenda. No sermons. Just love. And action. The weekend was a powerful example of teamwork, servanthood, and Jesus. It was so humbling to be apart of this opportunity.

Stay tuned for a video, but for now, here's a few photos...

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Although comparatively 'insignificant' in light of the tremendous tragedies in Haiti, but heavy rain storms in California and Baja have been hitting hard.
While the rains have been heavier in California, when rain comes to Ensenada.. it doesn't know where to go! We just aren't used to this type of rain! Cars stuck or stalled out, roads flooded, mudslides... not to mention all those folks with inadaquate housing.
As we scrambled to patch leaks here around the camp, I couldn't help but think of the many families who are without a shelter in the wet, wind, and cold. We can give away tarps and help where we can, but again, can't help feel a bit helpless...
Keep these folks in your prayers....

in Ensenada.... photo credit: Daniel Meza
check out my friends work here or here

Monday, January 18, 2010

.the square.

One of the reasons I love the square.

This was the welcoming I got at my home church, Wellington Square, when I returned in

Friday, January 15, 2010


Im not sure what to think. what to do. how to respond. I can't say I've been blessed with the gift of mercy and don't usually have strong reactions to world disasters or crisis. This time feels different. Ive been really rattled by the news of the recent earthquakes in Haiti. It's kept me awake, its brought me to tears, its made me uncomfortable. Maybe it's b/c its closer or maybe because I have a little more understanding of what poverty is like and can't imagine how destructive this event would be for a country like Haiti. I think how much devastation something like that would bring to a country like Mexico... I can't imagine in Haiti which has more corruption, poverty, and lack of infrastructure. It's been a bit overwhelming and paralyzing. But instead I want it to call me to action. The strongest action I can offer right now is prayer. It's funny how i initially think "well, i guess i can only pray...". But really. it is the strongest action I can offer at this point. I hope you are joining me in this.

As a ministry we are trying to figure out what our response is. We're investigating organizations where we can direct donations personally and as a ministry. We're talking about our short term response as well as long term ideas. We are also determined to stir up a response among our partnering pastors and churches here in Ensenada. This will be another challenge to them regarding the shift of not just receiving, but giving as well.

May we not let this just pass as another news event. make it stir in us, ache in our hearts, and call us to action...

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I think my body is confused.
What time is it? Why is it suddenly warm and you are wearing flipflops and tshirts after bundling up in the snow?! So I think my body reacted with a sweet head cold and all around sluggish-ness... but it's great to be back! Jumped right back into things with a big leadership breakfast with the local government and then hosting a team this weekend.
Today's agenda... to get caught up, visit some dedications, and enjoy the sun.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I haven't always loved making resolutions. Mainly b/c I fail miserably on them. But I feel that this past fall has already been building up and beginning some new habits in my life, and Ive been working toward some goals that I need and want to be intentional on this upcoming season.
So Im gonna copy a few friends (like this one) and try and attempt at a "my 10 in 2010".
Here we go. (in no particular order)

1. explore more of Mexico. visit at least three other cities/states.
2. improve my spanish skills. study periods two times a week.
3. do better at communicating and connecting with my friends, encouragers, and supporters back home. (this includes blogging!). Develop a team of folks in Canada to help with this.
4. continue to take care of myself. keep running/exercising every morning. improve diet.
5. manage my money better. be more aware/organized with my finances. and develop a plan to tackle my school debt.
6. continue to invest in sharing life with Scott y Ana and the team at EOC... in all our messiness and realness.
7. call my mom more.
8. share time weekly with some dear sisters... journeying together, challenging one another.
9. dare to be "girly" sometimes.
10. procrastinate less. especially in personal life details.

Some are lofty goals... some are tangible and completely doable if i just take action. Its funny b/c I can be very organized and make things happen in my work life, but can fall so short in personal areas.
This year I want to take action. I feel this fall has been a wrestling, intangible, reflective space. Its been hard. beautiful. and enlightening. This stage is far from over (ever...).
But when I left for Canada I was given a challenge... to take time away and return ready to take action. Ready to make some changes. Im nervously excited.
This year I want to be in love with Jesus more. I didn't include goals like "reading the bible more" or "improve prayer life" b/c really at the core of this has to be a motivation to simply be with Jesus. I pray this stirs up more and more for me this year.
This year I want to to nurture new gifts of the spirit... and restore some that I have neglected. I want my character to overflow in joy. patience. and gentleness. Not cynicism, judgmentalism, or selfishness.

Phew. I guess when you write it all down like that, it really does seem lofty. But this year more than ever Im ready - no, willing, to make this year a good one. And I suppose I just made myself a whole lot of accountability in sharing it with you all.

thanks for your support friends. in every which way.

.home is where the heart is.

Well here I sit at the Buffalo airport, en route back to Mexico. Im uber early - thinking I'd need to combat some wintery weather and upgraded security, but all was smooth sailing. So what a better excuse to write a blog... finally. (I do promise to post more regularly... really... its a resolution/goal for the year. and i have people going to harass me if i don't... so track along with me this year!)

canada is home. it always will be. i am still a proud canadian and the last three weeks visiting family and friends in Ontario have been a reminder of the incredible people in my life. And although I am happy to return to a warmer climate, it was even good to be home amidst some snow, christmas season, favorite pubs, good restaurants, sane drivers, and a country where a tall, white girl doesn't stick out so much!
but even more than Canada, my 'people' in canada are what make it home. the history of friendships are so rich. there were so many visits that we were able to just pick up where we left off...there are some friendships that I am just so able to be known, really known... there are people who know how to ask just the right questions to get me thinking... It was so amazing to reminisce - to celebrate our past memories but also be secure in the future of our friendship no matter where life has taken us. Whether it was time with my family and getting to know my nieces and nephews a bit more, or time with the ol' highschool gang, or faithful camp friends, or Wellington Square peeps... I was surrounded by people who love and support me. I am truly blessed.
It was hard to manage these three weeks - wanting to visit with everyone, but knowing I couldn't. And even though I was determined to not run around too much, by the end of my time in Ontario I was tired of visiting and ready to head back. home. home to mexico.

the first time i used the word 'home' for mexico, i was a little surprised. but i suppose i shouldn't be. it is my home. it's where my everyday community is right now. its where my purpose and passion is right now. its where my calling is right now. and despite the cheesiness of it, it's where my heart is right now. i desperately missed my friends and faces of the EOC. It was refreshing to step away from my work, but I am ready to jump back in the game of my job and life. not to mention my own bed and not living out of a suitcase.

so it was so fullfilling for my heart to be home. in ontario.
but im so ready to go home. to mexico.

here's a few pics of my wanderings this christmas...

and so many more wonderful faces and moments that im unable to capture...