Saturday, July 17, 2010

.small moments.

The other day at staff night/hang out time, we had to share our high & low, or rose & thorn of the week so far. It's always so great to have a chance to peek into how someone else is we can be working alongside one another but not have a chance to really connect.
Anyways, it was my turn and I was having the hardest time thinking of a high point. It wasn't b/c I had such a terrible week - there were a few tough moments as in any week really, but I just couldn't think of anything "worth sharing". I realized my highs were these simple, little moments throughout my week.

Things like
... laughing with Maddie (my hometown intern from Burlington. such a delight to have a face from home here again, serving together!) I think we were reminiscing about good ol' days with the youth. I laughed until I cried. Love those moments.
... translating at a house dedication. Thursdays when we hand the keys over to the house, the team has a chance to share words and blessings for the family. So we need to help translate... and I was the only kinda-sorts-bilingual one there. Although my spanish still require MUCH work, little feats like this are encouraging. Besides the family didn't speak very good spanish anyways (spoke a dialect from Oaxaca) so Im sure they were full of grace. And well, they nodded and smiled at the right times it seemed!
... my morning walk/run on the beach with Ana and Kim. as tough as that 5:45 alarm is, it does feel good to start the day off this way with dear friends.
... I got all goosebumpy introducing the intern team this past sunday -- all 10 of them! from 3 nations! So exciting to see more and more local youth wanting to help! To the point where Im having to turn some away! I was so proud to call out there names as they proudly wore there staff tee's... ready to serve! How inspiring they really are!
... playing and singing and laughing with Naomi. Scott and Ana's almost 3 year old girl is full of energy, character, and joy. It's a pleasure to be able to watch her grow and be apart of their family.
... meeting new friends. I got to spend some more time with some friends Diego & Selena these couple weeks and am excited to get to know them more and was blessed to partner with them in ministry this past week. They work in the Migrant Camp areas and it is so amazing to see how this community loves and respects them. Being around passionate, fun people is good
for my heart!

So those were some of the small 'roses' or "highs' of my week. Maybe not too mayn mountain top moments, but I'll take those rich, simple moments of love, joy, and community anyday.

By the way, my 'thorn' was when I was trying to fill the ketchup bottles up and the bag exploded all over me. again. It's definitely not my gift.

Enjoy those simple moments today.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


So i've been thinking about the concept of space lately. Whether it physical space or mental head space or spiritual space...

I think it's one thing that I have wrestled and defined and redefined many times here. I live in community - 24-7. My house is located in the middle of the camp. My office is about 80 steps away from where I sleep. Sometimes the camp is filled with 200 other people sharing the same space as where I live and work. Currently Im living with 6 of my 'ninas' - 6 girls who are interning with EOC this summer (from canada, us, and mexico! it's actually quite beautiful!) My schedule often starts from 6am to 11pm with litle space to sometimes breathe or rest or stop. Then there are other times and seasons when the camp is empty and my world has so much space and time and it's a bit lonely.

Im not sure I've found that balance of space entirely yet. Using space wisely and intentionally... knowing when to pull out and read and pray and retreat. Or knowing when to step out and connect and seek out community. It's a tricky balance but an important one. We need physical, emotional, and spiritual space to recharge. But we also need community. Im learning I thrive most when I've found that balance.

We are just about half way through our summer run of teams. The biggest weeks still to come. We have a stacked team of interns and volunteers, we have full camps, and programs prepared. We are ready. I think (hope) I am too. This past week was a quite week and so I think Im geared up to serve these teams well. These weeks will be full in all senses of the word and in all forms of space - but I hope I will be intentional with my space these next two months - Enjoying the joys of community and busyness of the season, but also knowing when to pull back and recharge.

Pastor Fransisco skips with some kids in his community.

Summer intern team 2010

Chapel reno fun!