Wednesday, May 5, 2010


.catch up.

Well where to start! I have failed miserably on the blogging and updates! So much to catch up on! Letme just start by walking through a few highlights of the last several weeks! Then we can get a bit more personal...

* 29 houses have been built so far in 2010!

* We’ve hosted 18 visiting teams from all over the States & Canada who came to serve, build, and love.

* Over easter, we survived a week of facilitating and hosting over 250 campers & staff, 9 houses, and 5 other ministry activities! It was a crazy week but we were so impressed by the hard work and flexibility of the teams and staff! What an fruitful week it was for God’s Kingdom!

* It continued to be a rainier spring season than normal around here! There were several wet and cold building days; and many communities and field worker impacted by the unusual heavy rains. We are excited to be enjoying some sunny, clear skies these weeks!

* We experienced some of the tremors of the nearby earthquakes in Mexicali in April. Thankfully we weren’t affected by the quake. We pray for our brothers & sisters in Mexicali who suffered significant damage in their communities.

* Our fearless spring intern team of Jon, Travis, Thomas, Anahi, & Sandy continued to impress us with there passion, willingness, and hard work! Go team! Thanks for your dedication! We are excited for our summer interns to arrive in June!

* our staff team enjoyed a weekend camping trip to a local waterpark “Las Canadas”! About 40 of us, staff and families enjoyed great food, campfires, volleyball, laughter, play, and even some zipline adventures! It was great for us to have time together in fellowship and celebrate what God is doing among us! (header photo and below are some of the fearless who conquered the canopy tour/ziplines!

*we have been enjoying the change of pace here in these weeks post-spring teams/ pre-summer teams! We are busy programming the weeks, interviewing families, renovating the camp, and preparing the camp and our hearts for the busy summer season ahead! Some of our staff will also have some time of vacation, deputation (support raising) and traveling. We are especially excited for David & Kimyco as David recently received his visa and they have been enjoying some time in Fresno with Kimyco’s family!

* one of our hopes for this year has been to open up this place for more local events - especially local youth groups! Sandy, a Mexican young adult & the newest addition to our staff team, has been working on building those connections with local churches and youth pastors. We’ve hosted a few events and look forward to running a youth camp in August where local youth have the opportunity to build houses and serve in their very own communities! Please pray for this!