Wednesday, December 15, 2010

.christmas in ensenada.

It's weird to not have the 'usual' (for me...) triggers that Christmas is around the corner! I think partly b/c this fall has just flown by with everything that happened and it's almost like I skipped September and October. And now here we are almost finishing up the year!

We've hosted a few Christmas events and festivities this past week, but it's still wierd without the snow... or Christmas carols... I do miss it. Well, maybe not in the crazy intense snow storms and freezing cold weather. But I do miss the traditions and especially the advent season I grew up with. That at church all of December was spent preparing your heart for the celebration of Jesus... singing the carols... reflecting on the story of Christmas. I'll miss my mom's squares and treats she'd make and prepare - the house filled with way too much food - and how she'd decorate the house so beautifully! And even though we haven't always be able to spend Christmases together, I'll miss being with my family especially this year. I'll miss the christmas parties with all the "dippies and apps" and the spirit of community and fellowship often found in these moments. There will be alot I will be missing and probably a difficult Christmas, but I am so looking forward to having some time to really settle, rest, be...

With just a few more days of work before a week off for the holidays, Im looking forward to time to hang out in my NEW APARTMENT! That's right - my new digs are pretty much done! I moved in Saturday and Mardy and the guys have been doing a great job of finishing up the last few things. There is still a few projects to work on (like building stairs to my place - Im currently climbing up a ladder! haha), some furniture to gather, and then to make the place my home - photos, art, hitting up the dollar store for the essentials... but it shall be fantastic! Im really looking forward to having my own space. a home. a place to visitors. a place to call 'my own' amidst the chaos that camp life and community living sometimes brings. I am grateful for this blessing.

So although I was just wearing shorts the other day and although I will be eating tamales instead of turkey this Christmas... I am blessed. I have great people to create new memories with and celebrate new traditions with here in Ensenada.

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