Sunday, October 17, 2010

.inside peek.

Want a little inside peek at some of the action that happens at the EOC when there aren't teams in.. check out this video blog we put together. Note the part where it shows some staff apartments being built! woohoo! Definitely looking forward to the sweet new digs!
Anywho, for now enjoy the video! More to come soon on my adventures visiting Ontario!


janelle said...

Rhonda, loved the video! Nice to see where you are living and the people you work with and a little bit about what goes on.

Can't remember if you've been back home again or not yet; I think it's the end of this month, right? Anyway, praying for your fund raising to go well and for the time home to be healing as well.

Rho said...

Thanks Janelle. Ive been back and gone again! Quite the journey these weeks hey? I've got one more week here in Ontario then back to Mexico. Its been a great time and probably really good timing, but will be ready to return to home to mexico again soon...